EmpoweRED: The RED Party

EmpoweRED: The RED Partyredpartyposter2

The call for awareness on HIV/ AIDS, or on any fundamental health issue for that matter, is not limited to the confines of the medical world and its patients; it is the responsibility of each one to take part and forward the cause. After all, it is only in such a concerted effort that truly significant and substantial education and action can reach a meaningful amount of people in the most optimal way. HIV/AIDS has been a growing concern in the Philippines and it has not been met with the proportional or appropriate amount of awareness and movement necessary to address the needs and consequences that come with such a condition.

In line with this, the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority of the UP College of Medicine aims to heed to this call through EmpoweRED: a four-month advocacy campaign to raise awareness for HIV/ AIDS in the Philippines, while providing direct assistance to afflicted patients in the Philippine General Hospital. A collaborative effort geared towards utilizing the diverse fields of science, art, and social media, this campaign will serve as a venue for open, accessible, and unique HIV/AIDS discourse within the different sectors of society.

On February 7, 2015 (Saturday) the Phi Lambda Delta will be hosting The Red Party: an HIV/AIDS awareness party at Whitespace featuring Deuce Manila and other DJs. Proceeds of this event will be used to subsidize a new CD4 machine for the HIV/AIDS patients of the Philippine General Hospital. Please contact Natasha at 0917 525 8591 or check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/empoweREDcampaign for tickets and more details. See you there!




EmpoweRED: The RED Party

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