Emma Watson’s Schoolmates Weren’t Allowed To Talk To Her During School Years

It’s tough being a famous face while in school, but it’s probably even tougher when you’re a mega-famous actress playing a smart witch in the Harry Potter series!


It seems that in her earlier years as a schoolgirl, Emma Watson’s schoolmates were prohibited from talking to the actress and asking for autographs from her, except if you were already friends to begin with, according to reports.

In her younger years Emma attended the prestigious Headington School in Oxford, England where pupils were given “penalty points” if they broke the rules on avoiding contact with Emma. Three penalty points incurred would lead to detention!

The former students of Headington believed that the rules were put in place to give Emma a chance to experience a normal schooling experience.

While most pupils were embarrassed or even scared to receive a penalty point, that didn’t stop some kids from trying to talk to her though!

And though Headington alums attest to this rule that was put in place during their time, a representative of the school denied any policies being enacted.

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