Embracing the Pinoy Pride: Top 5 finds from the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2012


It’s that time of the year again, when holiday preparations are done and what better way to prepare than to shop this early on bazaars everywhere for the best finds for your list this holiday season!

When in Manila, one of the best bazaars I’ve been to is the Global Pinoy Bazaar. This year marks the 8th year of the Yabang Pinoy and the Global Pinoy Bazaar. The event happened last November 10-11 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City.

The Global Pinoy bazaar event aims to showcase Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride. It also aims to motivate Filipino entrepreneurs to believe in their ideas and to always aspire for excellence at all times. 

With its tagline “It’s worth Buying for” it also encourages each Filipino to think twice before spending: is it really worth buying for? Yabang Pinoy believes that small things, when done together, can create a big difference.

I went to the Global Pinoy Bazaar with a couple of friends and here are some of the shops that we found really “Worth Buying For”.


 Frosted Desserts 


Frosted Desserts  at the Global Pinoy Bazaar


I am always on the look-out for great pastry stores, most especially unique and very flavourful cupcakes. And I’ll definitely add Frosted Desserts to my list.








I’ve had a taste of their Tiramisu and Double Chocolate cupcakes, it was a treat! And of course, I just have to have a piece of their Red Velvet cupcake and being a lover of this flavour, they didn’t disappoint!

 Being a lover of bags, I spotted 2 concessionaires in the bazaar that each have a very interesting flair to their products.

Abby Jocson 


Designer Abby Jocson at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 





The business started from the love of bags and art. Stitching these together, Abby Jocson was able to come up with bag designs that are of great quality without sacrificing the design and art in the bags.

Just look at these wonderful creations!






From unique designer bags to leather bags! 

Sinude Bags




If you’re into LEATHER bags that are truly for keeps till the n times, Sinude bags are for you.


I never thought I’d be able to find leather bags that are 100% Pinoy. So that’s a win-win situation right? You get to cherish “Ang sariling atin” and at the same time, get bags of high quality.






Don’t you just love how art can reach many forms when expressed? Take a look at these quirky and one-of-a-kind covers!




Jen of Quiddity at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 


Sisters Jen and Stephanie’s business started out from a simple arts and craft hobby and now it’s a start-up business. Who knows? Take inspiration from their art and maybe you could have your own business someday too!






In a world of fashion and mostly size zero’s, how hard can it be for plus size women to achieve a look that’ll present them well yet give the vibe that’s so them? Erzullie caters to these women. And they definitely took my attention with their tagline, “Fierce plus size fashion”. So women with plus sizes, flaunt your femininity and curves with Erzullie fashion.



Designer Berna Cuevas with her stylist Bea at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 



The 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar really did showcase Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride.

When in Manila, flaunt your Pinoy flair and embrace your being Pinoy. Heads up and Yabang, Pinoy!

For more information on YabangPinoy:

visit www.yabangpinoy.com

email: yabangpinoy@gmail.com.



Embracing the Pinoy Pride: Top 5 finds from the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2012



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