Embrace the Cool Vibes with Nespresso’s Iced Coffee Extravaganza!

Hey there, coffee enthusiasts! Get ready to beat the heat with Nespresso’s refreshing lineup of icy delights, perfect for those sunny days indoors or adventurous escapades outdoors!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – the return of the seasonal Barista Creations coffees for the Original Line, and introducing a new coffee for the Vertuo Line! Indulge in the exhilarating flavors of Freddo Delicato, Freddo Intenso, and Coconut Flavour Over Ice. Or try the newcomer, Cold Brew Style Intense, offering a smooth and bold flavor with sweet notes of caramel. Prepare for your taste buds to be blown away!

Embrace a refreshing coffee experience with Nespresso Over Ice

But wait, there’s more! Elevate your coffee experience with Nespresso’s stunning new accessories that are perfect for balmy weather. Say hello to the eye-catching Lavender Nomad Travel Mug, the refreshing Aquamarine Nomad Iced Coffee Tumbler, and the chic Barista Recipe Glasses and Reveal Glasses – all specially designed for your iced coffee adventures! Feeling fancy? The limited edition Aquamarine Barista Shaker is ready to take your coffee-over-ice creations to the next level!

Limited Edition Nespresso Upcycled Beach Towel

Oh, and get this – when you purchase any of the three fabulous combinations, you’ll receive a complimentary Nespresso Upcycled Beach Towel and Limited Edition Water Bottle!  Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll also be contributing to cleaning up our oceans with the eco-friendly SEAQUAL yarn used in the towel. Saving the planet in style – that’s the Nespresso way!

Now, let’s talk recipes! Get ready to invigorate your taste buds with these thirst-quenching concoctions:

  • Freddo Delicato Americano Over Ice
  • Freddo Intenso Spanish Latte Over Ice
  • Coconut and Vanilla Latte Over Ice
  • Cold Brew Style Intense with Sweet Cream

Nespresso Reveal Glasses and Barista Recipe Glass e1690207854103

And guess what? The Nespresso boutiques are turning into coffee paradises! Join in on the fun with weekly 3-day activations, featuring exciting activities, coffee mocktails/cocktails, and Nespresso Over Ice recipes crafted in partnership with OTO and Monin! Swing by the Nespresso boutique at Robinsons Magnolia from July 28 to 30 for an unforgettable experience!

Ready to embrace the cool lifestyle of creativity, exploration, and self-expression with Nespresso’s icy delights? Visit www.nespresso.ph to shop online or hop over to the nearest Nespresso boutique and pop-up stores for the ultimate coffee adventure! Follow @nespresso.ph on Instagram or @nespresso.phl on Facebook for all the sizzling updates!

Chill out, sip away, and let the Nespresso magic transport you to a state of blissful relaxation – anytime, anywhere!  #NespressoPH #IcedCoffeeBliss #CoolVibesAhead