Embellished and Embroidered – these Bridal Couture Masks are the gems to keep you feeling special on your Wedding Day!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Wedding season is upon us and this Filipina-led brand went international just in time for those destination weddings! ÀMEN just released their couture bridal masks collection: “Forever and an Heirloom: The Diamond of Your Lifetime”. This launch releases 14 designs with so much care and love put into them, each piece being incredibly individualistic from the last.

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We know you’re asking, “What makes these masks so unique from each other?” and we’re here to tell you why:

  1. Each piece is hand cut to precision to give you a structured silhouette.
  2. Sewn with quad silk lining to ensure maximum comfort and protection (also passed  Crucial Safety Test as per The MASQ Collection standard).
  3. All the pieces are crafted in a way that maintains beading and embellishment integrity.
  4. It’s lined with a nose-wire to further sculpt the face.
  5. Quality-assured to guarantee high quality of craftsmanship.
  6. Polished with premium nude adjustable straps that assure you the perfect fit.

We’re already saying ” I do” to this collection! And to add the luxurious experience, your piece comes with a hand-made silk bag graced with metallic tassels. ÀMEN’s collection – “Forever and an Heirloom: The Diamond of Your Lifetime” was inspired by the love that is shared between family and friends on your special day, and is meant to be added to your repertoire of wedding heirlooms. Every time you look at your wedding photos or heirlooms, be reminded of why you said “yes”.

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We don’t know about you but we’re definitely in love with the “Forever and an Heirloom: The Diamond of Your Lifetime” release! Are you?

If you’re looking to add that pièce de résistance, you can find this latest collection exclusively on ÀMEN’s website: www.amenglobal.co!