Ely Buendia and Raymund Marasigan Respond to Fans Challenging Eraserheads to Reunite

Fans are clamoring for Ely Buendia to fulfill his “promise” of having his former band, the iconic Eraserheads, reunite and stage a concert which he said would happen if incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo ran in the coming elections.

“Your move, Eraserheads,” many netizens said immediately after Robredo’s announcement to run for president of the Philippines.

Despite his claim, Ely explained to the press during a virtual conference held for his upcoming online concert “Superproxies” that his tweet was merely a “half-serious joke” that people made such a big fuss about.

ely buendia raymund marasigan

“That answer was far from a political post,” he said further. “I do respect and admire Leni. If I were to vote, she’s my top candidate right now.”

His former bandmate Raymund Marasigan also addressed the statement Ely made and affirmed that it was more of a humor post than a political stance.

“Sometimes, the meaning is beyond the tweet,” he told listeners on his podcast “Offstage Hang” last October 3. “Personally, I don’t think about it politically. I thought it was funny.”

He also said that there are no immediate plans for the band reuniting and that, if there were, he is not aware of them since he does not talk to his other former bandmates often.

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The Eraserheads, which also included guitarist Marcus Adoro and bassist Buddy Zabala, disbanded in 2002. They have staged a few reunion shows since then.

It is not new knowledge that the Eraserheads members have a strained relationship with one another. Ely himself reiterated this during a guesting he made in the podcast “Wake Up With Jim & Saab” hosted by Cheats members Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona-Bacarro last March 2021, wherein he explained that while the band had “a very, very good working relationship,” they were never exactly close friends.

He also admitted feeling frustrated about how fans would direct their anger towards them for breaking up the band. “It’s about fans… I was kind of sick of fans saying, when the Eheads broke up, ‘You’re friends, you shouldn’t have [broken] up. You made us feel bad.’ I was sick of that,” he said.

Raymund Marasigan agreed with Ely on his own podcast later on and revealed they were all never close in the first place.

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