Switch to a New Clean and Conscious Skincare Line This New Year

Ahhh. A new year is (finally) almost here. You have to agree that the past year simply wasn’t great as a whole with all of the adjustments we have had to make and adapt to; but now, we have the chance to start anew once again… or try to, anyway. Now that we know what we’re facing, now that we’ve gotten acquainted with the new normal, and now that we have more time on our hands, it is time to start taking better care of yourself and your skin. It’s time to check out Ellana Cosmetics.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and well-being over aesthetics, inspiring consumers to make better life choices that embody their hopes for a “better normal”. Reflecting this trend, Ellana Cosmetics, in collaboration with its active consumer fanbase, has expanded its line to include a range of clean, conscious, and concentrated skincare products – and they’re on sale on Lazada now!

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Fans have always admired Ellana’s commitment to “skin first” beauty with its skincare-infused, skin-improving makeup lines that combat common concerns like acne, oiliness, and hyperpigmentation. With the pandemic, the brand found itself flooded with questions on issues such as “mask-ne,” skin irritation, and improving skin texture. Alongside this came inquiries regarding ingredients and potentially harmful effects, reflecting the greater trend towards “clean beauty”: a movement that places importance on safety, transparency, and conscious formulas, going beyond common labels like natural or organic.

After much collaboration in the form of fan surveys, enthusiastic online focus-group discussions, and 1×1 calls, the Ellana Skincare range was born. The line acts as an extension of the brand’s existing clean and conscious beauty ethos. The line is made with the latest in Korean technology and currently includes serums and serum sprays that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and made with pure extract bases, ensuring the maximum amount of skincare results without buffers or “fillers.”

These clean, high impact formulas are designed to gently transform the skin, soothing irritation while combating common skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness, skin sensitivity, and reactivity. Thanks to their concentrated formulations, each product is also designed to fulfill multiple skincare steps, allowing for a skincare routine that needs less time and fewer products.

With this release, Ellana hopes to inspire consumers to #ChooseBetter for their skin, and by doing so, feel confident to choose better for themselves and their future.

#ChooseBetter For Your Skin: Ellana’s New Skincare Products

With Ellana Skin Care, less does more: these concentrated formulas deliver the maximum amount of naturally-derived skincare actives, so you can get maximum skin improvement.

Glass-C Skin Brightening Serum

Ellana Cosmetics Glass C Skin Brightening Serum

Made of 74.6% sea berry extract and 15% ascorbic acid, this brightening serum promises brighter “glass” skin over time. This botanical cocktail helps repair environmental damage to the skin while fading dark spots. Niacinamide helps with hyperpigmentation, while lavender and chamomile reduce reactivity, ensuring your skin is less prone to irritation. With daily use, this concentrated formula promises smooth, glowing skin over time. Buy it now while it’s at 12% off!

Cream Skin Hydrating Serum

Ellana Cosmetics Cream Skin Hydrating Serum

Made of the vegan alternative to snail mucin, the Cream Skin Hydrating Serum is ideal for those who have dry, textured, sensitive skin. 89% Wild Yam extract shields skin from irritation and provides intensive hydration, for that perfect dewy glow. Panax Ginseng Root also helps protect the skin from stress and further damage. Buy it now while it’s at 12% off!

Clear Skin Clarifying Serum

Ellana Cosmetics Clear Skin Clarifying Serum

Made of 91.6% blueberry extract, this blemish-fighting serum is packed with antioxidants to defend the skin against environmental stressors. As the name suggests, “Clear Skin” is designed for those with oily, acne-prone skin, with ingredients that help control sebum production while also preventing skin dehydration. No harsh, drying oil-control formulas here! Clear Skin ensures you have bright, glowing, and blemish-free skin with consistent use. Buy it now while it’s at 12% off!

UPLIFT Hydrating Serum Spray

Ellana Cosmetics UPLIFT Hydrating Serum Spray

Fans of the Korean “glass skin” trend will love the UPLIFT Hydrating Serum Spray, made of 89.9% Pomegranate Extract, along with Vitamin C, grapefruit, and Korean Bokbunja. This cocktail of botanicals helps “uplift” the skin, creating a bright, youthful, and glowing appearance. The addition of carrot, apple, and tomato extracts help refine pores and improve overall texture. Best for dry, dull, sensitive skin, this combination face mist/moisturizer/serum is an ideal pick-me-up for the skin. Buy it now!

UNWIND Clarifying Serum Spray

Ellana Cosmetics UNWIND Clarifying Serum Spray

This clarifying serum spray is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin looking to achieve a smooth, glass-like texture. Made of 91.6% Green Tea Extract, this combination face mist, serum, and moisturizer helps even out skin and discourages blemishes from developing. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E soothe skin, while Broccoli reduces redness, allowing you to “unwind” and experience calm, clarified skin. Buy it now!

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