Eleatist Kitchen: Graze Boxes and Steaks for Memorable Home Celebrations

Celebrations have also been affected by the #NewNormal, and one of the most significant changes we’ve seen is the downsizing of many meaningful celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings are now more intimate than usual. Still, these new normal celebrations don’t mean you can’t enjoy a little bit of extravagance during special occasions.

Eleatist Kitchen is an online shop that offers delicious food offerings that are perfect for celebrations; both big and intimate. Established in late 2019, Eleatist was the brainchild of Francis Fabie after using the food pun for documenting his food experiences while traveling around the world.

Eleatist Kitchen is known for its graze boxes that include tasty finger foods and their homemade spreads and dips. The brand takes pride in its commitment to good food, which is evident in the products that they deliver.

Their graze boxes include the usual cold cuts, cheese, and crackers. But what really sets Eleatist Kitchen apart is the homemade spreads and dips included in the boxes. They’ve got choices of garlic cilantro cream cheese spread, salted chocolate dip, and salt & pepper dulce de leche.

These are all mouthwateringly good; honestly, these are restaurant-level good. The dips and spreads aren’t just great partners for the contents of the grazing box, but even for any snacks or meals you already have at home.

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For a more sophisticated dining experience, you can also add a bottle of wine to your grazing box. It can be a complete food party in a box!

Aside from the graze boxes, Eleatist Kitchen also offers other dishes that can make any occasion a celebration. They have 2-inch thick USDA Choice Porterhouse sous-vide steaks that are sure treats for your loved ones. These steaks are especially great for date nights. Pair it with a graze box and a bottle of wine, and it’s an instant celebration at home.

For family meals, Eleatist Kitchen also has a three-hour slow-cooked pure beef bolognese sauce. Francis Fabie shares with WhenInManila.com that the sauce is his own recipe from back in 2008 when he was selling party trays.

One of the really exceptional factors of Eleatist Kitchen is the quality of the food that they offer. From their homemade dips to the three-hour bolognese sauce, it is evident that the people behind Eleatist Kitchen devotes a lot of effort into their products.

For special occasions, celebrations, or just sharing love with your family through food, you can’t go wrong with Eleatist Kitchen.

Eleatist Kitchen


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