El Marikeno: Shoes Made By and For Casually Elegant Filipinos

“Start small, dream big.” That is what successful people tend to tell young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Last 2016, the dream of having their own business and doing what they love came about over light conversations and good coffee. Their obsession with leather products, especially shoes, gave Alec Delos Angeles, Rico Agbulos, and Jean Patrick Centeno, the idea of starting their own shoe line.

Without hesitation, they visited Marikina, Philippines’ shoe capital, the next day without even knowing where to go or who to talk to. After persistently scouring the streets with a single goal in mind, they finally came across a local shoemaker who welcomed them by waving his hands with a huge smile on his face. That enthusiasm gave the three owners a feeling of excitement and a hopeful sign about the future relationship they were about to build.

El Marikeño was born with the purpose to provide the present-day Filipino gentleman with casual leather shoes that aren’t necessarily just for special events. That is what makes them different from other leather shoe brands and products; they create a crossover between casual and formal shoe designs.

The upper half of the shoe is made of 100% genuine cow leather and the outsole is made of a lightweight rubber material. Just imagine looking presentable and feeling comfortable at the same time! For Alec, JP, and Rico; having these two elements in a shoe is worthy of being considered a masterpiece. Each pair is handcrafted by world-class sapateros in Marikina using only quality materials, and although these sapateros, like Pando and Ambo, may not be given the right opportunities to display their unique talents; the brand is consistently working on bringing back Marikina’s glory days one masterpiece at a time.

There are three types of men. If you are the classic conservative type of gentleman, the Penny Loafers by Pando is the right pair for you. It comes in four different colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, and Tan.

Martin Sy in Tan Loafers by Pando

If you are a more liberated and fashion forward gentleman, the Longwing Brogues by Ambo might suit you the best. It also comes in four amazing colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, and Tan.

Miggy Lozada in Chocolate Brown Longwing Brogues by Ambo

If you are a rugged and masculine type of gentleman, the Chelsea Boots could be your perfect companion. It comes in five solid colors: Amaretto Brown, Charcoal Black, Flat Gold, Mustard, and Olive Green.

Jeff Ong in the Flat Gold Chelsea Boots by Niño (@iamjeffong)

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Now, gents, what type of gentleman are you? Check out their social media accounts and order a pair of your own El Marikeño shoes, where being elegant has never been more comfortable.

El Marikeño

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElMarikeño

Twitter / Instagram: @elmarikeno


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