EKsperience A Whole New World at Enchanted Kingdom

AGILA the EKsperience at Enchanted Kingdom

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Posted by When in Manila Mae on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Words by Miguel Enriquez (@miguelcenriquez) / Photos by Franchesca Collantes (@nikkicollantes)/ Video by Briane Maraña (@mcbrianejaffe) / Graphics by Regina Lazo (@regina.lazo)

Located inside Enchanted Kingdom lies a majestic and iconic structure that houses the Philippines’ largest and only flying theater! AGILA the EKsperience is Enchanted Kingdom’s newest attraction, featuring a unique riding experience that enables its riders to soar high over the beautiful attractions of the Philippines. The structure itself, which took almost 4 years to build, is built to resemble the sun in the Philippine flag with its outstretching eight rays when looked at from a bird’s eye view (like an Agila).

This hang-glider-meets-IMAX experience is definitely one of the most remarkable attractions that the park has to offer. Get ready to discover the beauty of the Philippines while listening to a triumphant score that will have you walking off the ride with a serious case of wanderlust.

Enchanted Kingdom Agila The Eksperience Sta. Rosa Laguna The Only Flying Theater In The Philippines New Building New Ride

From the breathtaking views of the Banaue Rice Terraces to the enchanting underground river in Puerto Princesa, this amazing journey is a visual masterpiece that will not disappoint. It is an exhilarating multisensory adventure that takes park entertainment to incredible heights, stimulating not only the eyes, but the nose and ears, as well – complete with splashes of sea water and the fragrance of flowers.

Join Eldar the Wizard as you journey to various scenic destinations in the Philippines in search of the elements that are slowly disappearing from the world. People have forgotten their connection to the world, so they continually take advantage of the resources our country has to offer. And so, it is time for us to be informed and learn to appreciate the beauty of nature around us.

Enchanted Kingdom Agila The Eksperience Sta. Rosa Laguna The Only Flying Theater In The Philippines Eldar's Worksop Interactive Walk Through Presentations

More than just a new and exciting attraction in the theme park, AGILA the EKsperience is also an astounding tribute to the Philippines’ natural resources and landmarks. Some people might think that viewing a film of various Philippine tourist spots may sound tiresome, but this attraction is a triumph for Enchanted Kingdom in turning a boring geography lesson into the flight of a lifetime.

Aside from being a unique ride, the attraction also features informative and interactive videos that are sure to catch your attention. AGILA the EKsperience can also serve as an educational tour for students and tourists alike. People who have experienced this attraction come out of the flying theater looking like they have just gone on a field trip around the Philippines, leaving them utterly speechless! Aside from the life-like experience, a newfound sense of pride in the splendor of their country is unconsciously instilled in their hearts.

Enchanted Kingdom Agila Graphics

This astounding adventure called AGILA the EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in the Philippines! Uncover and learn about the beauty and power of nature’s elements in the mystical and massively iconic structure that houses the soaring theater. Meet Enchanted Kingdom’s knowledgeable wizard Eldar, and take off with him on the wings of an eagle to virtually experience the archipelago’s most beautiful sights and sounds. This attraction is a truly a whole new way to discover and EKsplore the very best of the Philippines so come and fly with AGILA because the power to discover the world is in you!

Enchanted Kingdom Agila The Eksperience Sta. Rosa Laguna The Only Flying Theater In The Philippines 5D Motion Theater Technology