EJ de Perio Partners With His Listeners on April 30th for His Upcoming EP

Ej De Perio is a 21-year-old acoustic, folk-pop singer-songwriter. He started performing professionally when he was 17 years old and his career grew into formation being the singing voice to many of your favorite TVCs, including one for McDonald’s.

Since signing up with Open Door Artists he has released several singles with Warner Music PH and has garnered millions of streams on major digital platforms worldwide. Known for his songs such as “Balang Araw”, which was a collaboration with Keiko Necesario, “Tama Na”, and “Kumusta”, EJ De Perio’s soothing voice, and heartwarming lyrics offer hopeful songs that can lift the spirits of anyone who listens.

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His songs have continuously been used in numerous television shows and have become an inspirational playlist to a variety of audiences. With the purpose to inspire through his music, EJ De Perio has solidified an important spot in today’s generation of OPM artists.

Now as EJ De Perio turns 22; Instead of just raising funds for his EP, He wants to open a platform for his listeners for them to be involved by partnering with EJ’s EP that talks about “Unspoken Emotions” where people can partner and support him on April 30th, 9 PM. John Roa, Nef Medina, and Thea Astley will be performing via ZOOM with EJ De Perio

It’s gonna be a night full of stories and music about unspoken emotions.