Eiga Sai: Celebrating 20 Years of Great Japanese Films

Words and photos by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)

Two decades may seem like a short or long time, depending on who you ask. For organizers of Eiga Sai, however, it’s a very significant period of time because as of 2017, Eiga Sai has been bridging Japan and the Philippines for twenty years! That’s two decades of cultural friendship and exchange through the language of movies!

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To mark the opening of this momentous two-month long event, organizers of Eiga Sai formally opened the event last July 6, 2017 at Shangri-la Plaza Mall Atrium.

The night was filled with delicious food from Akira. Sushi, sashimi, karaage and rolls galore!  They surely filled the audience’s  stomachs. Akira even set up a small Japanese stall and placed  the sushi  in sushi boats. With the lights and sounds, it felt like being transported to a Japanese street festival!

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The night was also fueled by Japanese and Filipino music and dance. The symphony from traditional Filipino and Japanese instruments was a metaphor for the friendship constantly fostered by both countries through cultural exchanges such as this.

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Aside from good food, music and performance, audience and press were also treated to meeting one of the movies’ directors, Ryota Nakano. Good-humored and charming, Nakano-san even joked about landing in the Philippines that very day and that the only sights he’s seen so far were the airport, the streets, and the mall.

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Nakano-san directed Her Love Boils Bathwater. It’s a story about a mother, her sickness, and her pursuit in tying loose ends before her death. It’s lighthearted even when it’s heart-wrenching, and a feast for the eyes. This film already won several awards, including Best Picture and Best New Artist from the 41st Hochi Film Award.

Eiga Sai films are still showing this August in UP Diliman and CCP! Don’t miss the chance to watch these amazing films!

Tell us below which film you liked the best!

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