Eiffel Tower Will Get an 8-Foot Bullet-Proof Glass Security Wall

The famous tourist spot in France, the Eiffel Tower, will get an 8-foot security wall to protect it from terrorist attacks.

According to inquisitr.com, the security wall will be made from bullet-proof glass.

The cost of building the wall is estimated at $20 million.

With some of the most horrific terrorist attacks in France recently, this move is to increase protection around the tower.

The security wall will help protect the tower from gunshots and vehicular attacks.

At present, what protects the tower isa  temporary metal fencing that has been in place for about a year. Although it keeps the area secure, Paris deputy mayor Jean-François Martins described it as “disgraceful” because it keeps travelers from getting a clear view of the Eiffel Tower.

Watch the report below from CCTV.

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