Edson Barboza Did It Again With Another Knockout!

It’s a good week for sports.

Another highlight-reel knockout was celebrated from the lightweight fighter Edson Barboza during his fight against Beneil Dariush in Brazil last Saturday night.

Barboza unleashed a devastating flying knee to the head of a charging Dariush to end the fight at around 3:35 minutes into the 2nd round.

Dariush was doing a good job keeping Barboza off his game during the first round by staying on attack mode and constantly moving forward.

However, this strategy also led to his demise in the 2nd round with Barboza unleashing his flying knee as soon as Dariush pushed forward. The hit was so powerful that Dariush was already unconscious even before he hit the mat.

With this feat of knockouts by Edson Barboza, critics say that after overcoming a couple more obstacles, he just might have a chance to fight a title match.

Will Barboza be the new favorite for the UFC lightweight title? Tell us in the comments.