Economic and Financial Literacy : A Key in Facing Challenges and Prospects in the New Normal Economy

The COVID – 19 pandemic has changed the lives of millions of Filipinos across diversified continents. Through peaks and valleys, their eminent “bayanihan” trait is outpouring with love, empathy and compassion regardless the miles. However, the crisis has never been introduced as a piece of cake—- Implementing proper governance or policies, right allocation of funds, identifying the cause and puzzling out the roots were the hardest of all as it may slow down the process of prevailing against the coronavirus. It indeed alters primarily the health of the people and all the economic sectors leading to the downturn and recession of the Philippine Economy.  

With that, the Economics Research Society (EconReS) is proudly presenting the first ever webinar for the annual celebration of EFLW with a theme, “Economic and Financial Literacy : A Key in Facing Challenges and Prospects in the New Normal Economy” on December 11, 1:00-4:00pm via Zoom and Facebook live. The said organization is openly inviting all PUPian and non-PUPian students to actively participate in the said event.

“Based on the previous online events organized by EconRes naman, I have no doubt na magiging smooth ang flow so I have nothing to say on that” Charrize Villaruel, the Former President of EconReS, commented as the forum indulges to a virtual setup.

Furthermore, the event is in line to Republic Act No. 10922, also known as the Economic and Financial Literacy Act which aims to secure national consciousness on economic and financial literacy directed by the National Economic Development Authority together with other financial agencies and/or institutions every second week of November. However, it was moved to December to give way to those who are greatly affected by the recent typhoons and calamities. 

Pandemic have made the crowd think of the most terrible “what ifs” moments of their lives and it has come to an end, as this webinar will tackle about employment, economic recovery, mobilizing digital economy and effective management in the face of the new normal. Meanwhile, despite these challenges, students are still hoping for the opportunity to learn and discover about what and how will the economy recuperate its flag to search for new prospects, and this webinar shall be the answer!

So never miss the chance to gather all the information and win different prizes from raffles brought to us by Economics Research Society. An opportunity to set back and prepare us for the dawn! A start to remember, are you ready for it?  Join us! Together, let us be economically and financially literate! Register here:

For more information about Economics Research Society, visit their Facebook page at https://www,

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