Love Dining Out? These Collapsible Cutlery Make It Easier to Eat & Run—And They Fit Right In Your Pocket!

It’s a no-brainer that, amid a health crisis, we’ve all become more conscious of what we touch, what we use, and what we put near our mouths whenever we’re outside. Personally, I tend to bring a water jug now instead of drinking from the glass at restaurants, and I never leave home without a reusable straw for the purpose of reducing waste. However, it’s cutlery I tend to neglect to bring with me when doing errands or dining out. Often, this forces me to clean the utensils served to us at the table, which takes a lot of time and effort, or sadly settling for disposables when there’s no other alternative.

So you probably can imagine my joy upon discovering the new local sustainable brand which has created the perfect solution for the problems that I have.

ecohaulic ph cutlery 1 when in manila

The Collapsible Cutlery Set is exactly what it is—utensils that you can take apart and store neatly inside its metal case. It completely eliminates any worry about how to store your regular-sized utensils inside your bag; this little box, which already holds a spoon, a fork, and a knife, can fit right inside your pocket!

You’re probably thinking twice now knowing that each utensil requires a bit of an assembly. But really, screwing each piece on is so easy that you can put them all together in just a matter of seconds. And because they’re made of SS304 stainless steel material, you can have peace of mind that they’re safe for food, high-quality, durable, and easy to sanitize.

Collapsible cutlery isn’t all that offers. In fact, this is what really reeled me in: a retractable metal straw with a matching retractable straw cleaner! It’s housed inside this small tube the size of a flashlight with a hook for you to conveniently clip it onto your bag. How nifty is that?

ecohaulic straw when in manila

The portability and functionality of this collapsible cutlery are just added bonuses to this product’s true purpose, which is to promote eco-conscious living and waste reduction, especially during these pressing times.

“The team behind find this time perfect for people to begin to adjust to the “new normal” while at the same time help solve the plastic crisis. Since staying safe and healthy is everyone’s top priority during this time of the pandemic, we want to normalize bringing your own reusable cutlery to avoid the risk of catching any virus, and at the same time help cut down on our plastic use. We want people to make the switch from single-use to sustainable, but with the convenience of carrying a compact, handy, and pocketable cutlery,” said in an interview with When In Manila.

“In order for us to start making a change, we think more businesses should step up to encourage Filipinos to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The brand also shared that it will be launching more items soon. “We want to provide people with more eco-friendly products with good quality, without sacrificing sustainability,” the team said.

ecohaulic ph cutlery when in manila’s collapsible cutlery comes in three colors (Rose Gold, Silver, and Black) and has sizes for adults (PHP 1,200)* and for kids (PHP 900)*. Retractable straws (PHP 350)*, meanwhile, come in either a silver or black case. Deliveries can be made all over Metro Manila.

*Purchase them on or before December 31, 2021, and get the adult utensils set for only PHP 999, the kids set for PHP 699, and the retractable straw for PHP 299.

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