LOOK: This Doggo Makes Daily Commute To Dog Park On Her Own

Not all dogs are good boys… some are good girls! Just like Eclipse, the black labrador from Seattle who walks herself from her home to the dog park and back — in a matter of speaking, of course. Because Eclipse doesn’t just walk to her daily activity, she’s actually learned to take the public bus all on her own.

This is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends…

Posted by Robbie Lauren on Sunday, December 29, 2019

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A viral post on Facebook details how Eclipse knows to leave her house on her own, take the bus downtown to spend a couple of hours socializing and exercising amongst other good girls and boys at the local dog park. Afterward, she takes the bus back home and pays for her daily commute with a bus pass attached to her collar.

Eclipse’s human, Jeff Young, explains that the routine was started when Eclipse was impatient for Jeff to finish smoking a cigarette. Instead of waiting for him, she went ahead on the bus to the dog park by herself and he followed on the next bus.

After a few trials of the same drill, Jeff was confident in allowing Eclipse to take herself to the dog park on a daily basis. And they have everyone’s approval! From bus drivers to passengers, Eclipse is known for bringing a smile to their faces. According to the Facebook post, “she makes everybody happy.”

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