This Meal Plan is ACTUALLY Delicious and ACTUALLY Works

If you’re curious about my headline… well, I’ve tried many a meal plan in the past decade that I’ve been working at When in Manila. After all, with all of the food that I have to review on a regular basis, I have to find some sort of balance and get my weight in check during the week when I don’t have any food reviews scheduled. I currently have a 3-week window without any pending food listicles, so I figured it would be a good time to try another meal plan. This time around, it’s Eat’s Life Manila.

Eats Life Manila

Photo from Eats Life Manila

From the first day alone, I already found myself pleasantly surprised by Eat’s Life Manila. While other meal plans do have some delicious dishes, too; I never found one that offered consistently good meals – the kind that will make you open the lid and say “oh yeeeeeeah”. Eat’s Life Manila makes me react that way every single day. Just check out some of their sample meal plans for next week:

Eats Life Manila Meals 2

Eats Life Manila Meals 1

Another thing I love about Eat’s Life Manila is their wide range of meal plan options. They have meal plans for practically any lifestyle from plant-based meals and balanced nutrition meals to meals designed for weight loss and muscle gain. They even have meals for dietary restrictions (diabetic, renal, cardiovascular, and hypertensive). If you don’t know what to order, they even have a quick quiz on their website that you can take to figure out which meal plan would be best for you.

On top of that, they’ve got an ongoing promo that you shouldn’t miss! If you subscribe to a 14-day meal plan now, you can get Php400 off plus a free high protein buffalo pizza – how awesome is that?

Eats Life Manila 2

Of course, the most important thing is that their meal plans actually work. I’ve been on the meal plan for only five days so far but I did a weigh-in this morning in order to share my results here. So far, I’ve already lost 1.5kg – after just five days! (And I’ll be honest and say I even had some siopao on Wednesday on top of that. :p)

So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart or continue your fitness journey with delicious meal plans from Eat’s Life Manila today!

Eat’s Life Manila



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