Eat all you can for PhP100 at My Pot Restaurant in Antipolo!

When in Manila, finding affordable places where you can go for a foodtrip is easy. Establishments with really good offers are everywhere. But if you are longing to visit some other places that are not too far from the metro, Antipolo City would be a very good idea. Known as the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines, this city has been known for its rich culture, cold climate, and good views.

But apart from these, Antipolo also takes pride in its establishments that also offer a lot of cool stuff. One of these is My Pot Restaurant, known for its Eat all you can for only PhP100.


Eat all you can for only P100. Pretty interesting and intriguing.

Located along Circumferential Rd., this restaurant is frequented by a lot of Antipoleno families and barkadas because of its offering. And sure, tourists also go here.


The cheapest buffet on earth!

 What you can find here are typical Filipino food. When we checked it out, what we saw were dishes like ginataang puso ng saging, lechong paksiw, crispy kangkong, ginisang tahong, pakbet, adobong baboy, okoy, pansit bihon, piniritong tokwa, lumpiang toge, and minatamis na saging.


First round!

Well, the food they serve are not really that special. They are very simple but they are really worth it.


No leftover!

But of course, there are rules to be followed here. Sharing and having leftovers are strictly prohibited here. There will be 50% additional charge for every unconsumed food.

 PhP200 for two people!

Indeed, it is a one of a kind offering! The best value for a hundred peso.

Eat all you can for PhP100 at My Pot Restaurant in Antipolo!

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