Easy, Tiger Will Make Thai Cuisine Your Next Go-To food

If you look around, most streets are crawling with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants nowadays. Just when I thought my preferences would be limited to those aforementioned picks, though, a certain restaurant called Easy, Tiger has just given me a new type of comfort food to crave for: Thai food.

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Easy, Tiger is a Thai restaurant at Uptown Place Mall that aims to redefine the way we view this particular Asian cuisine. If you think “you’ve been to one restaurant, you’ve tasted it all”, then you’re wrong. Easy, Tiger broadens the world of spices by introducing the flavor of Isaan, a region in Thailand that’s not known to many.

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Most Thai restaurants in the Philippines draw inspiration from Bangkok or Phuket, so drawing inspiration from Isaan (in the Northern region of Thailand) is a different level. The flavors are more intense, giving the restaurant pride in their tagline “Thai Food with a Kick”. The spices they use are stronger and more complex, truly packing a punch in every bite. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour—you name it. They stimulate all dimensions of the palate to create explosive mouthfuls unlike any other.

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Minced Chicken or Pork Salad (Php220 / Php230)

This is a good example of that. Regardless of your choice of meat, the flavors are more or less the same. You’ll get to enjoy a spicy dish paired with leafy vegetables and some string beans. You wrap the meat in the leaves and savor it as is or add some condiments of your choice (vinegar, fish sauce, chili flakes, or sugar). I personally enjoy matching the meat’s spiciness with the acidity of vinegar.

That’s just the appetizer! For their main course, there are several items you can try to maximize your Easy, Tiger experience:

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Sate Muu/Gai (Php260)

This is a classic: skewered bacon belly or chicken tenders (your pick) served with peanut sauce. You can’t go wrong with either one because both give off a familiar savory taste you’ll surely enjoy.

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Thai Grilled Pork Neck (Kor Muu Yang) (Php280)

Another flavorful meat! Easy, Tiger does a good job with their sauces; so if you’re a huge fan of spice, give these pork neck cuts a dip in their dried chili sauce. It’s so good, you’ll want to order a whole bottle to go!

Easy, Tiger also serves set meals for people looking for a complete lunch on a budget. Prices range from Php170 to Php210, and each order comes with Tom Yum Broth, Green Papaya Salad, and Steamed Rice.

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You should try the Grilled Chicken (Php200).

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Chiangmai Sausage (Php220)

Like sausages? They have a special Thai version with infused galangal, kaffir lime, turmeric, and cilantro. It’s one of their best-sellers for a reason!

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Shrimp Paste Fried Rice (Kao Kluk Gapi) (Php265)

For most Filipinos, a meal wouldn’t be complete without some carbohydrates. I recommend this one. It’s the best bagoong rice I’ve ever tasted.

For dessert, they have appetite-whetting choices that are Thailand staples:

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Sticky Rice with Mango (Khao Niew Mamuang) (Php125)

Their sweet and filling sticky rice topped with fresh ripe mangoes will not disappoint you. Make sure to try their Thai Tapioca Pudding (Tako) (Php105), too.

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Thai Milk Tea (Php85)

Here’s an item that’s surely going to get everyone cheering. This delicious drink will ensure that your dining experience ends on a good note. It has a strong flavor, yet its sweetness complements it really well.

You can also opt for the Vegan Thai Milk Tea with Coconut Milk (Php90) instead, which makes use of healthier ingredients in case you have any dietary restrictions.

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Given that our own cuisine is similar to theirs, the possibility of you loving Thai food isn’t slim at all. Especially with food as good as at Easy, Tiger; you may find yourself craving for Thai food more and more.

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Head on to Uptown Place Mall and try it out yourself!

Easy, Tiger

Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Store Hours: 10AM to 10PM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasyTigerPH

Instagram: @easytigerph