Easy Recipes to Make With Spam During Petsa De Peligro

Oh yes: it’s that time of the month when we’re just barely getting through each day budgeting whatever’s left in our bank accounts before the next paycheck. Fortunately, Pinoys are an inventive bunch and can easily overcome the challenges of the dreaded petsa de peligro with sulit, budget-friendly meals they can make at home—even with just leftover grocery items and some canned food!

Ahead, we’ve listed down some easy and doable recipes you can do with something as simple and delicious as Spam:

Spam Musubi

spam musubiPhoto from SPAM

This well-loved Hawaiian snack is just Spam that is marinated and fried before being topped on sushi rice and wrapped with Nori. Start by grilling your slices of Spam on a pan. Then, mix together equal parts of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sugar in a bowl. Coat the mixture onto one side of your Spam, flip it, and coat the other side. While waiting for that to cook, use your empty Spam can as a mold for your rice by lining it first with cling wrap and then pressing your rice into it until it’s about a third of the can thick. Place your cooked Spam inside, slide the whole thing out, and wrap with a Nori sheet!

Spam Fries

spam friesPhoto from SPAM

If you just want to enjoy Spam on its own, you can take it up a notch and make some simple Spam fries. Just cut your Spam into fry-shaped pieces, drop it in a pot of oil, and wait until it’s fully-cooked. Remember not to crowd the pot. Fish out your Spam fries and drain them in a paper towel. Serve with your choice of condiments!

Deep-Fried Spam and Tofu Sandwich

spam tofuPhoto from Youtube: Aaron and Claire

This recipe from YouTube channel Aaron and Claire offers a totally new way to enjoy Spam! First pat your tofu slices dry on a paper towel and dredge each side with a light coating of flour. Then, put one slice of Spam in between two slices of tofu. Dredge the sandwich in flour, then egg wash, then breadcrumbs (all of which you should prepare in separate bowls). Then, just deep-fry it in a pan over medium heat!

Spam Egg-In-A-Hole

spam eggs in a holePhoto from Youtube: Everyday Meal Ph

Egg-In-A-Hole is a piece of toast that has a soft cooked egg in the center, which has been cut out. But instead of using bread, we’ll be using Spam! This recipe, by EVERYDAY MEAL Ph, is really simple: first cut the Spam down the longer side so you have big rectangular slices. Then, carefully cut a window in the middle with your knife or a cup (depending on whether you want a square or a circle hole). Coat your pan with oil and start frying each side of the Spam. Then, drop your egg in the center. Flip it over if you want your egg fully-cooked!

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Spam Classic

spam classic

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Spam Lite

spam lite

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Spam Less Sodium

spam less sodium

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