East Crew Driver: Exploring the Beauty of Rizal, One Awesome Place at a Time

We’ve all heard of car groups.

There are a lot out there, whether it’s a group of elite individuals with their extremely fancy wheels or a bunch of passionate people who simply love their automobiles.

There’s this car group called East Crew Driver and the passions of the people behind it go beyond the cars that they drive.


East Crew Driver is all about exploring the amazing places in Rizal! Their main purpose is to put a spotlight on the East side’s tourism because, really, Rizal is full of gems waiting to be discovered.

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Here’s a little something to spark up your interest:



The first official group meeting happened at Artist Garden in Tanay. This underrated place has stunning surroundings and a cozy ambiance while you enjoy fresh, handmade pizza from Lutong Pugon. These pizzas are baked in a traditional way. Look at that oven and those burning woods at the back of it! I can see why a lot of people have already celebrated their special events here. I’m sure it’s such a lovely place to take photos in.


Lutong Pugon is owned by Jun Tiongco, a local painter from Tanay. This is why you can also meet a few skilled sketch artists and you can have your portraits done for only a small amount. They’re also very friendly, so don’t forget to chitchat with these talented lolos when you see them!


That was just the first meet-up of the group and they already have plans to explore more of Rizal’s beauty. As one who’s also from Rizal, I’m super stoked for their future projects! I haven’t seen much of my hometown’s hidden gems, so I’m glad East Crew Driver has something like this. It’s time for people to discover Rizal, too!

Check out East Crew Driver’s convoy on one of their adventures:

If you’re interested to join or find out more about East Crew Driver, check out their Facebook page.

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