The Easiest Way to Get Your Best Nine 2018 on Instagram

2018 is about to come to an end, and what better way to celebrate than by looking back at the year that was?

You may have posted several photos on your Instagram account this year, but have you ever scrolled through your account to look back and reminisce?

You’ve probably noticed several people on your feed sharing their Best Nine 2018 collages, which bring together each person’s nine most-liked posts of the year.

IMG 2618

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However, although these posts have become sort of an annual tradition, you can’t actually get it from Instagram itself. Instead, you have to visit another site to get your grid.

Now, several people have been asking me how I got mine, seeing as how they have only been finding sites that require registration, email or SMS before getting their grid (with some not even getting their grid afterwards), so what’s the easiest way to get yours?

Just visit (that’s not a typo; they haven’t changed their URL since last year) and get yours quickly, so you can reminisce about some of the best moments of your year. How has your 2018 been? 🙂