Earth Kitchen BGC: Fresh And Healthy Dining That Tastes Good!

Farm-to-table concept restaurants are all over the place, and it’s not hard to see why people flock to them: the freshest quality ingredients straight out of the farms, turned into amazing dishes that people of all taste preferences can enjoy.

With Earth Kitchen, it gets even better: as a partnership between Got Heart and Hizon’s Catering, it brings the best of Filipino crops into gourmet dishes, thanks to community partners from all over the country!

Starting at White Plains, Earth Kitchen just opened a new branch at High Street Central in Bonifacio Global City.


What we liked about our visit to Earth Kitchen was that it had interesting interiors— it felt like we were having a picnic in the middle of a forest or a swamp, with grasslike flooring. Hanging plants decorate the place as well as bulbs, giving it that retro yet hip feel. The BGC branch wants to make itself distinct from its first branch along White Plains, with a retro picnic vibe. The fare served also had a “fresh comfort food” vibe, rustic and homey but you can definitely taste the quality of the local ingredients used.


For starters, we had the Shrimp Spring Rolls, which I personally liked. I’m a fan of fresh spring rolls— it’s always a staple whenever I dine in Asian restaurants, because of its clean and subtle taste. For Earth Kitchen’s take on it, the fresh taste was definitely there. However, it could have used a little more shrimp, but the texture had layers of crunch and chewiness. The sweet-tangy dressing complemented the mild taste of the rolls.

Earth-Kitchen-BGC-14Forest Salad. Foraged herbs, edible greens and flowers, organic salted duck egg, with muscovado vinaigrette.

We also had the Forest Salad, which put the best of the Philippine greens in one salad.

But just because it’s an organic restaurant concept doesn’t mean that it all has to be about salad and vegetables! This is exactly what Earth Kitchen wants to correct, that you can come inside and expect hearty and satisfying meals. Check out the other non-vegetable heavy dishes we tried:


The Risotto Balls had the perfect crisp on the outside, with soft, creamy cheese inside. I’m a huge cheese fan, so the mozzarella was a delightful treat.



The Fish and Mango dish had the loro fillet, ripe mango, cilantro topped with chili plum sauce. The mango added a complementary taste to the mild taste of the fillet without overpowering it, while the fish’s coating had a slight crispiness balancing the tenderness of the fish and vegetables.



Mushroom Soft Tacos. Shiitake, button and milky mushrooms, salad greens, radish, seaweed, lime hoisin sauce.

The Mushroom Soft Taco is recommended for vegetarian friends! I love the sublime taste of the mushroom, and the hoisin sauce added that much-needed kick for the flavor.



As I said earlier, I love Asian cuisine, and if you love it too, the Pomelo Salad is another must-try in Earth Kitchen! It was very refreshing, and according to one of our friends Rezza, it was admittedly better than any other Thai salad she’s had.



On to pasta! Earth Kitchen had the Mushroom Ravioli, drowning in cheese, which I love! Even so, we thought that the mushroom flavor was still distinguishable. One of our co-reviewers also thought that the ravioli itself was well-made, thin enough to be sliced with ease, unlike other restaurants that make theirs thick and chewy. 



The Risotto Negra has got to be one of my favorites! Scallops and french beans smothered in squid ink sauce, we enjoyed its silky texture in every bite. It wasn’t too powerful or salty as other negra dishes could be, and it was simple yet satisfying.


All (black) smiles with the Risotto Negra!


For those with heavier appetites, not to worry as Earth Kitchen definitely serves up some filling meals that are just bursting with flavor! Check some of them out below:


Beef Kebab Dish.  

Boneless beef ribs, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, choice of organic Ifugao rice pillaf or 3pcs flour tortilla and organic mixed greens.

Mark, one of our reviewers’ top picks, was the Beef Kebab. It was a simple dish, yet the meat was perfectly tender and flavorful as you would expect from Middle Eastern or Mediterranean fare.


And of course, they have that good old Pork Belly dish unlike any other. The pork belly is wonderfully tender, with the right mixture of sweet and robust from the sauce. Just because they have vegetarian fare doesn’t mean that they can’t serve up some really good meat!

Earth Kitchen is not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, but there are vegetarian and vegan options should you decide to bring a vegetarian friend along– you can ask the kitchen to switch some of the ingredients.

And of course, last but definitely not the least is dessert! Earth Kitchen in fact has an ice cream bar that greets you upon entering, with a solid selection of Filipino-inspired flavors!


From clockwise direction: Kape, Pili Nut, Tablea, Pastillas

It’s good to note that Earth Kitchen makes everything from scratch— from the pasta, to the ice cream, so you know that you’re being served some fresh-made goodness. There’s no reason to be intimidated by the whole “nature” look of the place if it’s not your thing– Earth Kitchen has something for everyone, from the vegetarian to the meat lover! Whatever you order, you know that you’re getting good quality ingredients. Also, because this is in partnership with Hizon’s catering, you know that you’re getting your money’s worth with the dishes.


Bring over your barkada for that dinner reunion, or your family and get a dose of fresh comfort food at Earth Kitchen BGC.

Earth Kitchen BGC

UG/F, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue Corner29th Street South, Bonifacio High Street



Instagram: @earthkitchenph

Open from 10 AM-10PM


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