TEA-tas, here’s where you can get Earl Grey and Hojicha Basque burnt cheesecake

For people who love cheese (like me!), cheesecake is a definite must-have if we’re talking desserts. There are just so many ways to enjoy it — from classic blueberry cheesecake to a simple New York cheesecake or even a sweet Oreo cheesecake. And let’s not forget the Basque burnt cheesecake, which has become popular lately.

Creamy, cheesy, and a tad bit smokey, a Basque burnt cheesecake is the alter ego of a New York cheesecake. But while most cheesecakes are baked long and slow, this one’s baked at a much higher temperature (and fast!) for that caramelized crust.

Recently, many shops have begun offering this Spanish dessert, some with mini versions to choose from. But if you want a Basque burnt cheesecake with a twist, then check out High Noon‘s line of tea-infused cheesecakes!


Originally known for its line of bottled brewed teas and milk teas, High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar has recently expanded its line to include cheesecakes. And in mini sizes, too! These tea-infused cheesecakes come in 3 flavors: Original, Earl Grey, and Half & Half Hojicha. Yum!

Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar

Original Basque burnt cheesecake (Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar)

Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar

Earl Grey and Original (Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar)

Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar

Half & Half Hojicha (Photo from High Noon Taiwan Tea Bar)

Out of the three, I have to say that I’ve got my eye on the Half & Half Hojicha. A curious mix of layers, this burnt cheesecake features a hojicha-infused base topped with the classic cheesecake — all wrapped up in a slightly charred crust. By the sounds of it, I’m betting that it’ll taste like earthy milk tea in a dessert, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

How to Order

High Noon sells these 4-inch Basque burnt cheesecakes for PHP 300 apiece. For orders and inquiries, you can contact this Paranaque-based business on Instagram. Payment can be made via BPI bank transfer or GCash, and deliveries can be arranged at your expense. Just make sure to check their page for when they’ll deliver next!

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