Ear Pins All You Can At Arajera

When In Manila, I admit, I am a sucker of cute and unique accessories and I have instagram to thank for another funky find I found–Ear Pins by Arajera. 

Arajera Earpins 10


Ear Pins by Arajera

Ear Pins by Arajera was born out of pure passion of its owner, Ara. She was in college when she first saw her friend wearing an ear pin. She tried looking for one around Manila but had no luck finding it. She tried having it made but no one was able to make it. Until August last year when she felt restless with work and wanted something new, she found herself going back to the ear pins.

This time, she focused researching about them, how they are made and eventually started making her designs. She underwent lots of trials and errors before she landed to the perfect suppliers. She always reminded herself that she wants them right and the same as how she envisioned them in her head. 

Arajera Earpins 5Ear Pins by Arajera

Arajera, is a mix of the owner’s name, Ara and Filipino word, Alajera which means “a person that sells or makes jewelries”. A very catchy and perfect name for what the store is all about. Starting out with the birthstone and Swarovski element series, Arajera quickly became an in demand accessory not only here in the Philippines, but all around the world. Ear pins by Arajera were featured at Etsy.com and were included on the website’s trending list! From colorful designs, the plain sterling silver ones came next, the three stars pair was the first design and it was a hit! From then on, Ara came up with more designs for Ear pins and necklace, as well.

ara (1)

Ara’s “I am my own market” mentality enables her to sell her products with passion. Ara is a Journalism graduate of the University of Santo Tomas and worked for a big financial corporation for eight years before concentrating fully on Arajera. This short time with Arajera has been the happiest time for Ara because she is able to do something she really loves!

Ear Pins by Arajera: Why I love them

The first time I laid eyes on Arajera Ear Pins, I was already amazed! Besides the fact that I love cute and unique things, I love the idea of the Ear Pins itself! I’ve been wanting to have additional ear piercings but have no courage to do it. Thanks to these brilliant idea of Ear pins, I can look like wearing more earrings in just one ear piercing! Yes, I feel so happy about it! Aside from that, my ears are really sensitive to earrings, I easily get allergic reactions if I wear earrings with poor quality. With my Ear Pins by Arajera, not even once did I feel itchy. These Ear Pins are made of 92.5 sterling silver! Of course, it doesn’t fade as long as you keep it in a sealed container when not in use. 

EarpinsEar Pins by Arajera Three Star Design 

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Here are some more designs I like: 

Arajera Earpins 7

Arajera Earpins 9

Arajera Earpins 1

Arajera Earpins