E-trike Ride-Hailing App to be Launched in UP Soon

Ever since the introduction of ride-hailing apps to the Philippines, people have found an alternative to beat Metro Manila traffic. From 4-wheeled vehicles, mobile apps have found a way to expand to other modes of transportation like motorcycles or even helicopters!

Enter the Ad-Hoc Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Environment (AdVICE). This app allows users to hail and share a ride but the catch is that it hails e-trikes instead of cars. Apart from that, it will also allow drivers to track the battery life of their vehicles. Reports say that AdVICE is now in its Alpha phase and will be rolled out in UP Diliman this August.

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Photo via upd.edu.ph

Since AdVICE features e-trikes, this means that it is better for the environment as those vehicles do not emit fumes. We can’t help but wonder how it would be like if AdVICE rolled out in more places in the Philippines.

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