Dynamic Solutions: 9th National Architecture Symposium

The University of Santo Tomas’s Architecture Network (ARCHINET), comes back to host this year’s National Architecture Jamboree, a four-day event, with the 9th National Architecture Symposium as its finale to be held on April 21 at the SMX Convention Center.


This year’s theme for the National Architecture Jamboree is Creating Architectural Solutions and Social Innovations that develop the Global community. Its focus is on understanding the theoretical framework of social design, and how configuring a city’s urban design in accordance to the livelihood of the people can become a social change. The Architecture Network has invited two speakers to speak on the topic of social design: Ar. Chan Hui Min, and Alastair Parvin. Ar. Chan Hui Min is currently the director of DP Architects, one of the largest architectural practices in Singapore and globally. She has participated in the development of the SeefLusail, a Major Waterfront Master Plan in Qatar, as well as Emaar Square, a large-scale Mixed-use development Retail Project in Istanbul. The second speaker Alastair Parvin, is currently a Strategic Designer at ARCHITECTURE 00 LIMITED, and has also co-founded the WikiHouse Foundation and at present acts as its director, an open-source project for designing and building houses. He has also participated in TED Conferences, such as TED 2013, and TEDGlobal 2012.

ARCHINET first launched the National Architecture Jamboree, the largest student-initiated learning event, in 2009. Topics such as global warming, environmental planning, and architectural evolution have been featured in the yearly symposium. The annual Symposium continues to strive to spark a dialogue on architecture’s most relevant issues and aims to be a venue for the convergence of ideas, connecting designers worldwide.

To find out more about the event, check out Archinet’s website www.ustarchinet.org. See you there!

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