Dwayne Wade Joins The Cleveland Cavaliers, Reunites With Lebron James!

LeBron fans will get a kick out of this news: The King and Wade are reuniting!

Dwyane Wade has confirmed that he is signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which effectively means a reunion with former teammate LeBron James, according to reports!

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The former Chicago Bulls player will reportedly be signing waivers on Wednesday before he officially joins the Cavs.

LeBron and Dwayne do go a long way back, considering each other close friends, old teammates and a player he confided in, so seeing them back in action should be an interesting development for the upcoming season.hometown Chicago Bulls last year.

The King also spoke highly of Wade, saying that he would love to play with his former Miami teammate again:

“He brings another championship pedigree, championship DNA. He brings another player to the team who can get guys involved, can make plays and also has a great basketball mind.

I hope we can bring him here. I would love to have him.”

Are you a Cavs fan? What do you think of this update?