Dwayne Johnson Just Praised A Woman For Following His Tough “Jumanji” Workout Regimen

Dwayne Johnson pretty much has the body of a god, which usually equates to a tough, god-like workout most of us may even already feel exhilarated just at the thought of it. The workout regimen he undertook for the Jumanji movie is no exception, as the former wrestler-turned-actor needed to look the part of a tough-as-nails jungle video game character.

Dwayne Johnson 01

So when a female journalist decided to copy his grueling workout routine — to successful results — it’s no wonder that Dwayne had gone all out in doling his praise for her.

Lauren Mazzo, a writer for fitness magazine Fitness and Shape, decided to try Dwayne’s training plan for three weeks, documenting the process and results in the article. Aside from following The Rock’s workout to a T, Lauren also recreated Dwayne’s gym photos.

In the article, Lauren shared that she found Dwayne’s exact workout plan on the Under Armour website, and decided to see what happens “when a lady lifts like the most muscular dude in Hollywood”.

The Rock gave a special shoutout on his Twitter account, reposting Lauren’s magazine article and said:

Absolutely love this Much respect to Lauren Mazzo who tried my #Jumanji training plan (sic). Her results were fantastic. Ladies ask me all the time if they can do my workouts – there’s a bit of a reluctance But once they try it & see results. It becomes their DNA. Try it.

“Love the pics she posted in this story as well. Pretty bad a*s. Women in the weight room. Great job Lauren. #Jumanji #TrainingProgram.”

#GirlPower, indeed!

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