Duterte Will Commute From Davao To Manila Daily As President

The Davao City mayor doesn’t want to leave his home behind, according to local reports!


According to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, if he is elected as president, he will not sleep in Malacañang and will instead go back and forth from Manila to Davao everyday! Duterte said:

“I will go home to Davao City every day after office hours because I want to sleep in my own bed. I will not sleep in Malacañang.”

Malacañang is the customary residence of the President currently in office.

As to how he can offset the costs of what would be an expensive arrangement, Mayor Duterte already has a fix for that: he will borrow the private jet of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy as to spare the government from the added expenses.

And how does he plan to go about his everyday routine?

“I will have breakfast on the plane and be at my office at the start of office hours. I leave for Davao also at end of office hours.”

But what if, god forbid, something goes wrong in one of his flights?

The fearless Davao City mayor said that when it’s your time, nothing can stop it.

Interesting proposition.

Thoughts on this? What do you think of Mayor Duterte’s idea?


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