Duterte Wants To Replace Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry With Business Math

Another interesting platform by the Davao City mayor, if ever he wins as president.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just expressed that if elected, he wants math subjects algebra, calculus, and trigonometry out of the the education curriculum and have them replaced with business math, which he notes is a more “practical subject”, according to a report by The Philippine Star.


According to the mayor, these subjects just add unnecessary pressure on the students, as “pinahihirapan lang ang mga bata”.

Duterte also mentioned that learning about unnecessary signs and numbers in math was not useful, and that most Filipinos suffer from Math anxiety.

He also reportedly said that learning about “sine, cosine” is not applicable when students and graduates go job hunting.

Subjects such as geometry and physics would remain in the curriculum, however, as he notes that these are applicable in one’s daily life.

[The Philippine Star]

Thoughts on this? Do you agree with Duterte’s proposition or not?