Duterte Cries While Visiting Parents’ Tombs, Asks for Guidance in Leading the Nation

Duterte Cries Tombs

Photo from: Facebook

Going viral on Facebook is a this photo of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

He, who is also leading the presidential candidacy by a significant margin, cried when he visited his parents’ grave early Tuesday morning.

According to reports, he visited his parents grave around 3AM, which is hours after partial election results showed his huge lead in the presidential race.

He is said to be close to his mother.

He was overheard asking for his parents to guide him in leading the nation when he becomes President on June 30.

He said he wanted to cry like that for a long time now but was busy with the campaign.

His father Vicente was governor of Davao, and his mother Soledad was a school teacher.

As of 6:30AM, partial and unofficial results coming directly from the transparency server of the Commission on Elections showed Duterte with 15,014,524 votes followed by Mar Roxas with 9,005,569 votes and Senator Grace Poe at 8,413,679 votes. Poe conceded via quick press conference last night. Prior to that, she already called Duterte on the phone.

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