Dusit Thani’s Benjarong Relaunch Gives us a Taste of Thailand!

Redesigned and relocated to the ground floor, Benjarong at Dusit Thani Makati is the newest, most exciting Thai dining hotspot to rediscover in Manila. I got the chance to taste the upgraded Royal Thai cuisine, and here’s what’s new at Benjarong.


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Benjarong’s literal meaning ‘five colors’ pertains to a unique kind of Thai porcelain embedded with stunning intricate patterns, which the restaurant displays in both its interiors and exteriors. The new Benjarong really did it for me as I felt the royal experience right upon entering the restaurant. It has a fresh and warm ambiance that really makes the dining experience extra classy!


Photo from: Benjarong Manila


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Benjarong  is now well-situated on the hotel’s ground floor for easy access for guests while preserving the rich Thailand tradition and providing flawless, traditional Thai recipes and well-known international branding.


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Featuring a harmonized fusion of traditional flavors enhanced by modern cooking techniques, Benjarong has taken things up a notch, raising its profile and the value it brings. Welcoming new creations of resident Thai Chef Watcharapon Yongbanthom also known as Chef Ja: Peek Gai Yad Sai Gaeng Khieo Wan Tord, Pu Nim Phad Pong Kari, and Gam Pla Phad Piew Wan. Benjarong now boasts of a bar, as well.


Photo from: Benjarong Manila


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Som Tam Salmon Foo – Crispy papaya, Salmon Floss


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Peek Gai Yad sai Geang Khieo Wan Tord – Chicken Wings, Green Curry

All-time favorite dishes have also been retained on the roster for its loyal clientele, including Moo Ping, Phad Thai Gung Sod, See Krong Moo Krob Wan, Gaeng Khieo Wan See Krong Neau Toon, and Tab Tim Krob. Each dish is a venture into the realm of appetizing, delicately balanced flavors that characterize true Thai cuisine!


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Phad Pak Bung Fai Deang- Morning glory, fermented Black Bean, Chili, Garlic


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Pad Thai Gung Soo- Fried Rice Noodle, Prawn, Tamarind Sauce Photo

Their private rooms can accommodate social events, corporate meetings, and even romantic dinners. Also available are special offers and pop-up events, including an open kitchen, a bar, and even special Dusit Thai cooking classes taking place every month in 2018.


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

My dining experience in Benjarong has truly upgraded my taste and all I can say is: if you’re into Thai cuisine, then this restaurant is as authentic as it can get! Dining here will truly give you a taste of Thailand.


Photo from: Benjarong Manila

Benjarong at Dusit Thani Manila

Ground Floor, Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati

(02) 238-8888


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