DTI Announces Increased Capacity For Gyms, Wellness Clinics And Internet cafes

In efforts to further open the economy, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced that higher capacity will be allowed for different businesses depending on the area’s quarantine status.

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Posted by DTI Philippines on Saturday, October 31, 2020


According to Memorandum Circular 20-57, the following are allowed to operate at 75% capacity for GCQ while 100% capacity for MGCQ.

  1. Testing, tutorial, and review centers
  2. Gyms, fitness centers, and sports facilities (limited to individual and non-contact sports/activities)
  3. Internet cafes
  4. Dermatologicalclinicsofferingaestheticprocedures
  5. Other personal care services including full body massage
  6. Pet grooming service
  7. Drive-in cinemas
  8. Travel agencies, tour operators, reservation service, and related activities.
The Ellis Residential Condominium Salcedo Village Makati Megaworld

Though there is increased capacity for the abovementioned, all are still to follow health and safety protocols set by the government. All staff and customers should wear proper face masks and face shields, no talking and eating in small areas or crowded spaces, proper ventilation for establishments, frequent and proper disinfection, physical distancing, and isolation of COVID-19 positive persons.

Aside from the usual protocols, DTI is also encouraging businesses to place footbaths at their entrances, use sterilizers, cover furniture with easy to clean materials, no contact payment, and by schedule scheme.

For more info about the Memorandum, click here to view the DTI document.