LOL: DSWD Accidentally Exposed Themselves as K-Pop Stans!

On July 16, netizens noticed that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Twitter account started retweeting posts about Korean boyband BTOB. Netizens, naturally, had a field day and started teasing the account. Some of them even called for BTOB to compose a song for the department.

The tweets have all been deleted by now, but this is the internet and netizens are good at keeping their receipts!

I mean, I get it. I manage a couple of non-personal accounts myself and accidental tweets are bound to happen. To whoever that Melody (BTOB fan) was, you’re not alone. We totally understand! It’s still a bit funny though, you have to admit. Apparently, no one is safe from the force that is K-Pop.

dswd btob

Photo from BTOB Official

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Are you also a fan of BTOB? Who’s your bias?