The Dry Run for the Single-Passenger Vehicle Ban on EDSA is Pushing Through

Last week, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that they were planning to ban single-passenger vehicles on EDSA during rush hours with hopes of reducing the amount of cars found on the said strip and hopefully say goodbye to traffic there. According to the MMDA, 70% of the vehicles found along EDSA during rush hours only have one person in them and if more people share the same vehicles, fewer vehicles will then be found on the street.

10edsa traffic

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Not everybody seem to be on board with this plan, though. A lot of people have questions that they need answered, such as: what if they book a Grab and the driver has to traverse EDSA on his own in order to pick up his passenger? What time would the rush hours be according to the MMDA? What if you simply don’t have anyone to travel with? Despite these questions, though, a dry run of the scheme is set to run this Wednesday, August 15. Do you think it will be effective in reducing traffic on EDSA?