Driver Allegedly Blocks Handicap Ramp, Makes it Difficult for Elderly in Wheelchair

One day, I was walking with a friend of mine who graduated from Special Education. We approached the stairs and since I was near the ramp, I opted to take the ramp. She on the other hand still used the stairs. When I asked her why, she explained that the ramps are built for people with handicaps or those who had difficulty going up stairs. We are still blessed with strong legs and should use the stairs as a sign of respect. It was a very simple gesture but it definitely got me thinking. Ramps are made to make life easier for those who already have a hard enough time, we have no right to take that away from them. Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to understand this.

Check out this story by Sandy A.

Guy blocks Handicapped Ramp

“Crowne Plaza Ortigas, a little before 2pm today. This douchebag refused to move his car, so our Lolo’s wheelchair could get up the ramp, until he secured a VIP spot in front of the lobby. No matter that the guards and valets were politely asking him to move 2 measly feet, he wouldn’t.

It was raining hard, and our 83-year-old grandfather was in the middle of the driveway with nowhere to go.

Thank goodness the porters and valets just carried the entire wheelchair and our 200-pound Lolo up that 1 step.
He finally moved it when everything was over and done with. AND after arguing that he deserves a spot right in front.
Your luxury car means nothing when you’re a dick, you turd. I think he heard me though, when I loudly said, “See you on Facebook, a$$hole.”

Uh-oh, I wonder what this guy was thinking and why he refused to move. What do you guys think of this?