Drew and Iya Appeal to Fans to Respect the Personal Space of their Kids in Public

It’s no secret that celeb couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania’s kids Primo and Leon have a huge fanbase who would gush over the cutest things the two are caught doing on camera. Although Drew and Iya don’t necessarily have a problem with it, they draw the line when out with their kids in public.


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Leon adores his kuya Primo ❤️ #ArellanoBros

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“We want to spread happiness and good vibes… But I think some people become so giddy when they see them that they don’t realize, sometimes, they’re forgetting about personal space,” Iya told reporters during a recent press conference for her ongoing weekday series in GMA 7, Home Foodie.

She recalled a tweet that Drew posted a few months prior about strangers taking photos of their children in public, where he pleaded fans to “show a lil respect and etiquette.”

“I think Drew just wanted to put it out there and to remind them that he knows they’re amused by our kids. But when we’re out as a family, the kids should be able to enjoy their own time,” Iya explained.

Although she doesn’t mind it when fans gawk over the boys from a distance, she stays on guard for when they attempt to get too close.

“If I feel like they’re taking so much of Primo’s space and can’t move freely, that’s when I step in and say something,” she said. “There’s a nice way of doing this; you don’t have to be rude. But I’m OK as long as they just let him do his own thing.”

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Are you a fan of Primo and Leon too? What are your thoughts on this?