Dream Job Alert: Would You Want to be a Cat Nanny?

It seems that the awesome jobs that we’d love to have and have only ever dreamed about are suddenly popping up all over the world nowadays. First, there was the professional panda hugger and now, there’s the cat nanny.

If you love cats, then you are sure to be ultra jealous of the people who get to be cat nannies in the UK. According to The Telegraph, Cat Cafe Manchester pays their cat nannies £8 an hour and the job description includes playing, feeding, and looking after the cats, though it will also involve cleaning kitty litter and making the cats’ beds.

Gimo cute cat

If you love cats, but live in a place that doesn’t allow pets, then this job might just be the best idea in the world in your head right now. Time to move to England? :p

Have you heard of any other cool jobs around the world? Share them with us! We’d love to compile them!

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