“Downton Abbey” is Going to be Turned into a Movie!

Downton Abbey is Going to be Turned into a Movie!

Fans of the British show Downton Abbey, we have great news for you: the series that ended in 2015 is returning as a movie, and they’ll be shooting soon! If reports are accurate, they will be shooting next year already.

Downton Abbey tells the story of an aristocratic English family in 1912, along with the people who serve them. It was met with critical acclaim, with 54 nominations at the Emmy Awards. It ran for six seasons, finishing in 2015.

Michael Edelstein, president of NBCUniversal International Studios, confirmed the news of a film to Associated Press, saying, “We are working on getting the script right and then we’ve got to figure out how to get the (cast) together. Because as you know, people go on and do other things. But we’re hopeful to make a movie sometime next year.”

Julian Fellowes, who created and wrote the series, is also writing the film.


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