You Can Download This Cubone Mask for Your Dog for FREE!

Love Pokemon? If so, then you must be familiar with the all too adorable Cubone, who (quite often, actually) brings those who have watched the original Pokemon series to tears. Well, now you can turn your own lil doggo into the bone-wielding Pokemon with the help of Thingiverse user aolesin’s 3D printable Cubone mask. (You can download it for free! Link at the bottom of the article.)

While your dog won’t evolve into Marowak and while we wouldn’t recommend having your dog wear it for more than a minute (which is how long it could take for you to get a decent picture with him/her wearing it), it’s still a cute addition to anyone’s Pokemon arsenal. It’s actually cool enough to just be put on display, really!

If you decide to 3D print this mask, aolesin recommends printing at 0.12 mm layer height with supports, 0% infill, and 3 shells. You can download it here.

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