Doug Kramer Reveals His Recent Mild Stroke Bout

Doug Kramer, a veteran PBA cager and daddy to the celebrity family #TeamKramer, revealed that he had a recent health battle, a bout with mild stroke last October.

He revealed that on October 10, he experienced a mild stroke. He was brought to the hospital and was confined for six days.

He shared his story on a two-part Instagram post.

Here’s the first part.

Post 1 of 2. Been wanting to open up about it. And finally I can. Yes, Oct 10 I had a mild stroke after doing an exercise at home. I felt extreme dizziness and lost my balance. I never passed out or fainted. In fact I remember everything that happened clearly. I was confined in the hospital for 6 days. After the results of the MRI were found, the cause of the mild stroke was the priority. I was thinking how could a healthy guy like me go through something like this at such an early age. After an important 2D ECHO checkup of the heart and a Transesophageal Echocardiogram, they did find a miniscule congenital (was born with it) hole in my heart and doctors concluded that it was the cause of the clot. I reflected and cried. Not because of what happened, but because I saw how God’s favor was upon me and how He was possibly protecting me from something worse in the future. It was frustration then gratitude. Without a doubt, it was a blessing in disguise. We did the PFO closure to close the congenital hole on Friday Oct 14, and got discharged Oct 15. Type “PFO closure” in YouTube to see how the procedure is done. Doctors assessed that I should rest 3-6 months before playing full contact basketball again. It’s been almost six weeks and doctors allowed me to finally do some cardio through the bike and do light core work. When all of this happened, I really thought of my family. How Chesca had to take care of me, and thinking Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin are still so young. I’m so blessed that through modern technology and great doctors, I’m able to still play in the right time and most importantly to still enjoy every moment with my beautiful family. I’m still not out of the woods, coz I still need to properly heal for the tissue to heal over my device in my heart. So pls keep me in your prayers. But…. as you can see through all my posts and updates, that I’m ok! Very ok! In fact, if I hadn’t opened up about it, you’d probably think nothing happened. Doctors have said I’ve improved very fast and that I should expect the very best results. ????

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Here’s the second part.

Part 2. This is also something I’d like to open up about because I would want all my fellow PBA players and athletes in general, for mandatory medical checkups to have the requirement to do a 2d Echo of the heart. With that test, you’ll be able to see any enlargement or most complications in the heart. It can definitely save a person’s life once you’ve found out early. I’m sure the PBA and our kind Commissioner Narvasa has already made steps in making sure it will be part of our future annual medical checkups. I’m sure the PBA has the players best interest. So I truly hope it’ll all push through and have all the support of the PBA teams and players to secure our future, not just for basketball but being able to spend more time in staying healthy for our families. And no matter what, to always remember that God is in control. To God be the glory ☝️☝️ I appreciate Quinito Henson also so much for helping shed light into what happened. ???? Article is here: www.philstar.com/sports/2016/11/23/1646604/stroke-saves-kramers-career

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It’s nice to see that although he’s not yet completely in the clear, he’s on recovery.

Hopefully, he get back to 100% soon.

Take care, Doug!