Dose of Ela: Comfortable and Affordable Shoes for Any Type of Woman

Gone are the days when I would look for expensive branded shoes with designs that stand out just to somehow showcase my personality. With time comes change and with that change, I have (thankfully) evolved into a more practical mother-of-one who seeks affordability and comfort when it comes to her footwear. Plus points are added when the brand is a local one because I have been making it a point to support local as much as possible. Enter the beauty of Dose of Ela.

Photo from Dose of Ela

Ela Ebreo shares that she wasn’t pursuing her passion yet this time last year. She had just dropped out of college, had a lot of depressed days, gained weight, and felt terribly unhappy and lost. One day, she finally decided to take a hold of her life once more and feel happy again. “That’s when I decided to think of my passion for fashion and pursue it,” she shares.

Aside from being passionate about fashion, Ela noticed that Filipino craftsmanship simply hasn’t been getting the appreciation that it truly deserves. Like me once upon a time, a lot of people still prefer imported products because of the colonial mentality that “imported is better”. “I know I wanted to help break that stigma,” Ela states. “Likewise, I wanted to spread good and happy vibes.”

One day, while wearing her favorite clogs and feeling very cheery about it, Ela realized that selling comfortable and classy soles would be her stepping stone for Dose of Ela. After searching long and hard for manufacturers, the brand was born.

Photo from Dose of Ela

Dose of Ela has beautiful designs to suit any personality and style. No matter what kind of outfit you plan on wearing, you can be sure that it will tick the most important traits that women tend to look for in their shoes. They are classy and stylish enough to upgrade any outfit. They are incredibly comfortable, even if you wear them all day. They are versatile enough to suit any style and personality. And the are affordable, so that anyone can experience a dose of love.

Photo from Dose of Ela

You can definitely see that Ela puts a lot of thought and quality control into every pair. From production to packaging, Ela puts in a lot of time and effort to ensure that her clients feel happy and confident in her shoes. Ela points out that her customers are the reason why her brand flourishes, after all. “Without them, Dose of Ela is just another ordinary brand,” she says. “Thus, I make sure to put a whole lot of love in every box and that’s what makes our products extraordinary.”

Photo from Dose of Ela

Dose of Ela delivers nationwide for a flat shipping rate of only Php100! Check out their items and stock up on comfortable, affordable, and ultra stylish footwear today!

Dose of Ela



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