Donnalyn Bartolome Shares Candid Advice for Lovers in Her First-Ever Podcast

Whether for reconciliation or MOLG (moving on and letting go), internet personality and recording artist Donnalyn Bartolome is taking it upon herself to facilitate unofficial couples therapy sessions for real-life lovers in her first-ever Spotify Original Podcast, “Itatama Pa Ba or Tama Na?”

The best part of it all? It’s free of charge and available to all!

ITATAMA PA BA O TAMA NA Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn’s podcast is amongst the first-ever slate of Pinoy Spotify Original Podcasts launched by the world’s leading audio streaming service, Spotify, earlier in February 2021.

“My podcast focuses on relationships, which I think are the most important thing for people. Listeners can expect in-depth discussions with my different guests and learn from their experiences,” shared Donnalyn.

As the title suggests, Donnalyn’s new Spotify podcast, “Itatama Pa Ba or Tama Na?” (to mend or to call quits) brings listeners into the passionate realm of dating and relationships, where they can tune in to meaningful conversations between the breakup song princess and guest couples at crossroads torn between walking away or working on their relationship.

“Podcasts are truly amazing for artists and listeners alike, because they push the limits of your imagination. It is for this very reason that I strongly feel that experiencing content in audio format tends to be more intense and intimate in a positive way, while also improving your ability to listen and connect with others,” shared Donnalyn.

Donnalyn’s podcast is a true reflection of her colorful life, personality, and passion for helping people. Even her fans may not know this, but she actually started out as a Kumon tutor working to nurture young minds before she eventually found her way into entertainment. True to her nature, she also enjoys rescuing cats, nursing them back to health, and helping them find a loving new home.

“I am known as an entertainer, but deep down I am an artist. Being one, I seek to express myself in different forms… and branching out to podcasts is my way of creating something entirely new for current and future followers to enjoy,” shared Donnalyn.

“Itatama Pa Ba or Tama Na?” is a promising wellspring of new content for Donnalyn Bartolome’s fans who lists her love of driving and car rides, and her stint opening for Little Mix’s first album launch in the country as things that most people probably don’t know about her.

On the kind of growth she hopes to inspire in her listeners, Donnalyn admitted that she herself has had to overcome quite a few personal challenges.

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“2020 was a bittersweet year. It tested so many parts of my life but it also opened so many doors for me. I’m proud of where I came from because it has led me to where I am now and I look forward to sharing my experiences and insights to help people love right,” bared Donnalyn.

Catch the latest episodes of “Itatama Pa Ba or Tama Na?” every Tuesday only on Spotify (available on-demand for both Free and Premium users):

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