Donnalyn Bartolome Says Her Eye Color Changes. Here’s How It Happens


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In an Instagram post, Donnalyn Bartolome revealed that her eye color changes depending on her mood.

She said, “Everytime I’m feeling something, whether it’s sorrow, happiness, anger.. it drastically changes. I gradually found out for 2 years through friends who consistently asks why my eyes are lighter everytime I’m secretly feeling a certain way.”

The singer, actress, and vlogger discovered this about herself when she was 16 years old.

Bartolome added that she went to her eye doctor about it, who said, “my eye muscles contract when feeling extreme emotions.”


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A post shared by Donnalyn ?? (@donna)

What we want to know now is: does this really happen?

It does.

First, let’s discuss how our eyes get their color. Eyes get their color depending on how much melanin is in the iris (the part with the color). Lots of melanin mean dark-colored eyes, while less of this pigment means light-colored ones.

The pupil can change sizes, depending on what you are doing or feeling. When the pupil changes size, the melanin in the iris come closer or spread apart. This, in turn, changes the eye color.

That’s probably what happens to Bartolome.

You learn something new every day!

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