Donnalyn Bartolome Has the Best Comeback to Netizens Telling Her to Get Married Already

Donnalyn Bartolome couldn’t help but speak out against netizens who keep telling her to get married and have kids already before she gets too old.

What prompted the comments was the 27-year-old singer posting a photo of herself during her teenage years, exactly a decade ago, on Facebook as she promoted her new YouTube vlog titled “Reacting to Old Photos.” Netizens urged her to start thinking about building a family as soon as possible, which didn’t sit well with her at all.

donnalyn bartolome old photos

Nagpost ako ng [photo noong 17 years old ako] dami niyo na sinabi (I just posted a photo of myself when I was 17-years-old, and you already had so much to say)… hahaha,” Donnalyn wrote on a new post as she shared screenshots of the comments and her replies to them.

Mag-anak ka na. Mahirap tumanda nang walang anak (Have kids already. It’s hard to grow old without kids),” a male netizen told her.

Mas mahirap tumanda na gagawing retirement [plan] ang mga anak (It’s more difficult to grow up expecting your children to be your retirement plan). Have children because you want to experience the joys of being a parent. Not with the intention of obligating them of responsibility that isn’t theirs,” Donnalyn answered. “Ipapanganak mo anak mo sa mundong ‘to para parusahan kasi ganun din naranasan mo? (You want your children to have kids just to burden them because that’s what you experienced?) END THE CYCLE.”

Mag-asawa ka na Dona mahirap tumanda mag-isa (Get married, Dona, it’s hard to grow old alone),” another said.

Mas mahirap tumanda na mali ang pinakasalan (It’s much harder to grow old realizing too late that you married the wrong person),” she replied.

Tumatanda ka na wala ka pang pinapakilalang jowa (You’re getting old and yet you haven’t introduced a boyfriend to us),” another noted.

Bakit? Magulang ba kita? (Why? Are you my parent?)” Donnalyn quipped.

Despite her sentiments regarding the issue, she assured fans that there are “no hard feelings” and that she is simply “sharing [my] thoughts.”

As of the moment, Donnalyn is single after she recently broke up with her boyfriend, with whom she had been in an on-and-off relationship for almost five years.

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