Donnalyn Bartolome Defends Herself Against Criticisms For Buying a Luxury Car

Donnalyn Bartolome just bought herself a new luxury car and not everyone was happy about it.

In a Facebook post, the 26-year-old shared her excitement over her recent purchase of a “dream” car which she said was an early birthday gift to herself. “I bought a dream vroom vroom y’all! ackk so beautiful!” she gushed.

Donnalyn Bartolome

A netizen then jumped into the comments to call her out for being “mayabang” (boastful) and for choosing to splurge on material items instead of helping out a certain “lola” (grandmother).

The comment did not escape Donnalyn and she went on a full-blown vent on her page regarding the issue.

“Anyone who writes anything libelous about me or any members of my family will regret it,” she began on her post as a warning to those who continue to criticize her. “Minsan ko lang unahin ang sarili ko. Gusto ko ipost kasi may ituturo ‘tong magandang asal sa followers ko. I reply to a lot of positive comments more than bad ones, don’t worry.”

“I posted my new car that I waited to have for 8 years and also to promote my new vlog kasi nagtatrabaho akong tao.. then this guy starts spreading fake news.”

She then enlightened friends and fans who the netizen was pertaining to in his comment. “For those confused, 2 years ago, a reckless youtuber featured a distant relative, a lola, who I took care of and had my contact number to ask for help when she was struggling but chose to let an outsider use my name for attention so that her son talks to her again after her shortcomings.”

“Instead of taking the wrongdoers to court, I forgave both of them with all my heart though it cost me my reputation and also my mental health for 1 year,” she continued. “That’s not why I’m triggered though, it’s the fact that because of what she(the lola) and the youtuber did, her relationship with her son was permanently damaged. I couldn’t fix it until her last breath. This was painful to bear.”

She then assured everyone that she has never put aside any of her family members and urged people to be more mindful of what they read and believe online.

“Wala pa akong pinabayaan na mahal ko sa buong buhay ko,” she said. “We have to know if it’s fake news or not, so pag fake news, don’t spread it. Be a responsible viewer.”

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