Donations Needed for Assault Victim Undergoing Surgery

On July 1, Raphael Sta Cruz was driving to work when a high school classmate of his hitched a ride with him and attacked him out of nowhere, sending Raphael to the hospital with internal bleeding along with stab wounds in the eye, mouth and neck.

Assault Victim Rafael Sta Cruz

Raphael has since gone through various operations and has so far accumulated a hospital bill of Php700,000. This does not include the nose surgery Raphael also has to go through. On top of that, there is also the possibility that Raphael might lose sight in one of his eyes. The victim’s family is currently troubled as Raphael’s father has just come out of the hospital due to pneumonia, as well. Because of this, any help in the form of donations would be much needed and much appreciated.

In case you are interested in helping, you may send donations for Raphael through the Sta Cruz family’s BPI account under Gabriel Sta Cruz (1599-430-764). You may also contact them at 0932-459-7503 for any inquiries.

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