Donated Coffin Has Mayor’s Name Painted on It

It appears like politicians are putting their name not only on waiting sheds, school buildings, billboards, tarpaulins, caps, bags, pens, plastic bags containing relief goods, candy wrappers, and water bottles.

Recently, a netizen named M. Ludy posted a photo on Facebook of a coffin with the name of a mayor written on it.

Mayor's name on coffin(Photo from: M. Ludy on Facebook)

The caption was:

Dinonate ang kabaong, nakatatak ang pangalan niya sa mismong kabaong. Mayor TJ RODRIGUEZ ng Capas, Tarlac, mahiya ka naman sa balat mo hanggang diyan pa naman hinde muna pinatawad!

Sobrang epal sa lahat ng epal! Mahiya ka naman!

Rough translation: Donated a coffin with his name written on it. Mayor TJ Rodriguez of Capas, Tarlac, shame on you. Even this, you didn’t let it pass!

You’re such an attention-grabber! Shame on you!

The said post got several criticisms from other netizens and most found it to be quite inappropriate.

According to a post from, Mayor Rodriguez explained that the objective of painting his name on the coffins is to indicate that they are already paid for by the local government to prevent the relatives from getting billed and then paying for the coffin. He said that this type of assistance has began since he became mayor in 2010, and in the past, they didn’t put his name on the coffins until the issue of double collection arose.

He added that painting his name is a request from his constituents.

About three months ago, when the double collection stopped, they also stopped painting his name on the coffins.

He emphasized that his intention was noble. However, he said that he has already lost count how many they have assisted from this program or how much the local government has spent for this.

He believes that he has not violated any law in painting his name on the coffins.

In the past, instances of politicians putting their name on different items had the Comelec checking election laws. Those instances were about the Binay candy and the Chiz hotdog.

What do you think of this?

Do you find it inappropriate or do you agree that it is for a noble cause?

Share your thoughts with us.